New retail and leisure occupiers boost London Street in Basingstoke’s ‘Top of Town’.

The "Top of Town" area of Basingstoke has seen a rejuvenation in businesses taking available accommodation following the worst impact of the pandemic, according to local property expert London Clancy.

Along with many other locations, the London Street and Market Square area have suffered in recent years, with several retail production and leisure properties becoming vacant at around the same time. However, over recent months, five transactions have seen new businesses opening, bringing new life to the Top of Town. London Clancy was involved in all five transactions

Tom Clancy of London Clancy said: "COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdowns and restrictions made the retail and leisure property market very difficult, with businesses and occupiers suffering from the lack of trade.

“However, as we began to emerge from the pandemic a number of businesses, predominantly food and beverage operators, have entered the market, taking space that had been vacant. We continue to see good levels of interest in the historic centre of the town, which is good news for the business and wider community in Basingstoke."

In the food and beverage sector, at 27 London St, 1,458 sq ft was let to Gabardine Bar while at 1 Anchor Court, the 4667 sq ft former Barn Bathroom Showroom was let to ELA Restaurant. Other activity saw the 1500 sq ft bar at the Red Lion Hotel taken on a new lease by Dice Tower Café and Gaming.

Elsewhere in London Street, a 1,409 retail unit at 2 Anchor Court, has been let to A&S Magazin Romanesc, an Eastern European grocery store and in a further letting, 974 sq ft 16 London Street has been taken LaParisel Hair Academy.

“It is great to see so many new businesses opening in London Street and illustrates a confidence in the strength of the town’s retail and leisure offering,” added Russell Ware.